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smatrix agroscience for Windows

Safe, quick and sustainable ratings: For years, the Windows version of smatrix agroscience has proven itself worldwide among plant breeders, plant protectionists, as well as at offices and universities.

New: Starter-Kit

Exclusivley for new customers, we offer a welcome bonus of 20% on our bundle "Starter Kit". This includes everything you need to get started with smatrix agrosience for Windows: One workstation licence of smatrix agroscience for Windows including one language of your choice, one workshop on the best possible use and, on top of that, a headset recommended for smatrix.

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smatrix for Windows

Windows offers

30 Days Trial Licence
Our 30-day trial license is available to all interested users, who would like to familiarize themselves with all features before subscribing smatrix agroscience for Windows.
Software Licence for Windows
By purchasing the latest version of smatrix agroscience for Windows you get full access to all functions of the software as well as a language pack of your choice and our support for the first year.
Upgrade and support package
Would you like to be well advised and always up to date with the latest version of smatrix agrosience for windows? Then choose this upgrade and support package. This means that you get support for three years with regular upgrades, the latest language packs and helpful advices on how to use the language assistance software.
Additional language
Smatrix agrosience for Windows is available in many other languages: (German / English / French / Spanish / Dutch / Portuguese).
Training, consulting
To enable you to use smatrix directly and efficiently, we offer you individual advice and the associated workshop.
High-quality, comfortable and individual for your use: Whether wireless or wired, our headset solutions are available with different connection and wearing options.
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Maximum compatibility

Should predefined, Excel-based tables such as ARM rating shells or piaf test results pages be used? No problem. smatrix agroscience for Windows recognizes and configures the ARM and piaf structures automatically, information such as the plot layout in ARM or piaf abbreviations are adopted.

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