No more field data collection without smatrix

As simple as dictation

smatrix is the language assistance software for data collection by voice.

Finally the days of pens, clipboards and false entries are numbered: all you need to complete professional field trial assessments is a tablet or laptop and a headset with a microphone.

smatrix listens to your voice - and inserts the assessment characteristics it hears directly into a digital table. Now slipping between rows in the table and having to make corrections is a thing of the past. You also avoid having to constantly switch focus, which noticeably optimises your assessment process. It's not just smart - it's secure and efficient too.

smatrix keeps your hands and eyes free - you concentrate on the essentials of your work.

Android or Windows

Data collection via voice is simple and intuitive. Above all, it's easy to put into practice.

All smatrix requires is a suitable Windows tablet (or laptop) and Excel to collect the data. Plus your voice, of course. The software takes care of the rest.

And the new Android version makes it even easier. You don't even need Excel to use the app. The data is stored in the software's own tables, but it can also be exported to Excel on demand.

The smatrix configuration is equally simple. It works via touch display and can even be modified during your field trials. However, the key element is that you operate and navigate the software using your own voice.

Developed to make life easy

Data collection via paper or display makes the work unnecessarily complicated. Especially when you need both your hands and a focused gaze to assess the trial objects properly.

smatrix is there to make work easier. That starts with the operability: developed in cooperation with experienced testers from the field of field data collection, smatrix offers a flexible and customizable solution for every area of application and every working environment.

The basis: a voice dialog that adapts to your voice, pronunciation and working method. To do this, you use one of the available languages: German, English (US & UK), French, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese (BR & PT). 

And to enable you to use smatrix most efficent, we also offer a dedicated workshop.

It is as simple as that. That's how unique smatrix is.

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smatrix agroscience
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Data acquisition and navigation by voice input
Excel as a universal transfer platform
Multilingual – DE, EN, ES, FR, NL, PT
No Cloud – offline language processing
Configuration quick and easy
No language training necessary
Can be adapted to individual needs
Also for Android

Feature comparison

smatrix agroscience for Windows vs. Android
Detailed feature comparison​​​​​​​
smatrix agroscience for Android

Your subscription - your choice

More time, less frustration: with smatrix your field data collection becomes more secure and efficient. Before you decide on one of our subscriptions, you can test smatrix agroscience for Android free of charge and without a registration. Would you already like to order one of the subscriptions, then please click here.
30 Days Trial License
Our 30-day trial license is available to all interested users, who would like to familiarize themselves with all features before subscribing smatrix agroscience for Android.
6 months
Our 6 months subscription offers you full access to all features of smatrix agroscience for Android as well as our comprehensive services, which are already included in the license price.
12 months
Our 12 months subscription offers you the best price-performance ratio and like our 6 months subscription it gives you full access to all features of smatrix agroscience for Android as well as our comprehensive services, which are already included in the license price.
Training, support, consulting
In addition, we offer you some other useful products and services that you can add or buy in addition to your subscription
The Plantronics Blackwire 3200 Series includes corded headsets that are durable, comfortable, easy to deploy and come in a variety of connectivity and wearing options. In our tests these headsets worked perfectly with smatrix agroscience for Android, so we can recommend them for the use with smatrix.

smatrix agroscience for Windows

25 years of dawin® and you get the presents! On the occasion of our company anniversary, we would like to ease the way to a more efficient working environment for you. That’s why we are offering a one-time special discount of 50% on our bundle "Starter Kit". Better be quick, because this offer is only valid for the first 50 bundles ordered in February 2020.


smatrix agroscience for Android

The Windows version of smatrix agroscience is already being used to great effect by users in crop protection, seeds, plant breeding, fertilizer and ecotoxicolgy worldwide and with our Android version you have even more choices now.

From today we are also offering you our intuitive Android version! The software is easily configured using a touch display, and these settings can even be modified during your data collection. However, the key element is that you operate and navigate the software using your own voice.

Now all you need is a smartphone or tablet with Android 6 or higher. If you also use a professional headset, e.g. USB Type C with noise cancellation, you're all set for voice-controlled data collection in your field trials!

Have fun using smatrix agroscience for Android. 

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How do I set up smatrix?

What are the right settings for me? You can find this and much more in the Media section. Here you will also find data sheets, tutorials as well as instructions that support your work with smatrix.


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